Is Tiktok Shutting Down or Getting Banned in 2020 | Tiktok-Microsoft-Oracle Deal?

Throughout history, we’ve seen the proverbial ‘Holy Grail’ emerging in different formats in different ages. Drinkable water, fertile lands, expensive metals, mineral oil, and money have all been Holy Grails that have caused and decided wars. However, the Holy Grail in the 21st Century has changed once again. In the 21st Century, Data is the […]

Effect of COVID-19 on major sporting events 2020

We may have just seen the first half of 2020, but the year has already seen an unprecedented shutdown of the entire world. Also, the world of sports and sports has not remained unaffected by all this. The last such cataclysmic lockdown of all the key sporting events across the world was during 1940-1945 whilst […]

Can There Be a Second Language For Machine Learning Chat Bots?

Artificial intelligence, a miracle of science, that knocked the socks off everyone. To explain it the best, Artificial intelligence is the power to create something almost human. Machines that do not just calculate figures within seconds, but also perceive human emotions, expressions and also respond to them appropriately. Machine learning is a prime tool in […]

Learn About Ethereum – Price, Prediction 2020, Mining, Wallet, History

Introduction Recently, cryptocurrencies are what everyone is talking about and you’re not the only one wondering what they are and how they work. Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens used for exchange and making payments, ownership of these coins is registered in computerized databases called wallets. Although they have been here for quite some time, the spike […]

What is Edge Computing?

Introduction With offshore outsourcing on the rise and business organizations utilizing digital solutions and services, edge computing could be the answer for faster, cheaper, and more dependable data processing. It transforms how data is processed, analyzed, and delivered from millions of devices or edge computing data centers worldwide. The rapid growth of internet-connected computers, in […]

Top 5 Data Analytics Tools for SMEs

This insight will tell you about some of the basic tools that you can start using in your organization to enable smooth decision-making processes. Check out the FAQ section to find answers to some of the questions that might apply to you directly. Why Data Analysis? Before diving into data analysis tools, let us invest […]

A Data-Driven Ice Cream

On 13th July 2020, Supermac’s posted one of the best jobs one could ever apply for. It’s a Mystery Ice-cream taster, yes you read it right, it’s an actual job. So on a busy day, all you have to do is to eat some ice-creams and comment on their texture, body, how it rolls, how […]

Enterprise Architecture Strategies

Enterprise Architecture is a game-changer in the current business environment. Tight budgets in SMEs put organizations under pressure and these big projects are always pushed for future considerations. However, there are some options that organizations can try to implement Enterprise Architecture without having deep pockets. There are many strategies to implement Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategies. […]

Why Your Business Needs Data Analytics?

Many companies are now beefing up their digital transformation, giving them a competitive edge. In the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the rate at which SMEs implement data analytics. Therefore, it is necessary to take a look at some of the core reasons, you might need to hire data analytics […]

Importance of Credit Risk Management

Increasing competition forces organizations to give more credits to both their existing and new customers. Covid-19 caused an increment in the complications and uncertainty of the future. Due to this, banks and other financial institutions are under immense pressure to design credit risk management systems that give faster results with high precisions in decision making. […]