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Trugo is a revolutionary consultancy firm that offers companies flexible and budget-friendly services that are required to succeed in an ever-changing business world. 

​Our mission is to help your company face the latest challenges by providing access to a pool of goal-oriented, top-level consultants. 

Trugo’s services include analytics, digital, KPO, SaaS product Development, and Managing Cloud Infrastructure.

​​What’s Different About Trugo? 

​Trugo has set the standard when it comes to project-based, cost-effective, and impactful consultancy services. 

We are different for three reasons.

  • We hire the finest consultants based on the exact requirements of the company.

  • We slash operational costs by working remotely at home or the client’s location. These cost savings are reflected in our prices. 

  • Our business model is agile, cost-effective, and highly customer-oriented making the whole process smooth and efficient.

Our Secret Ingredient

​Being a start-up with big dreams ourselves, Trugo promises to give small and medium-sized businesses the attention it requires. The client is our priority and your success is of utmost importance.

“Programming is a skill best acquired by practice and example rather than from books”

Alan Turing

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