GDPR Policy


TRUGO CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD (“we” or “us”) place the privacy and security of customers to the highest level of priority.

In this announcement, we set out how we accumulate, use, and dispense your personal data before, currently, and after your relationship with us, in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It applies to all the current and former stakeholders such as clients, employees, workers, and contractors. 

This notice is subject to change at any time we update the notice and we will provide you with additional notices every once in a while.

It is within your rights to lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Commission (DPC), the Irish governing body for GDPR, in the event of a privacy violation.


We will comply with all the 6 principles laid down under the General Data Privacy Regulation, which are:

  1. To collect, process, and dispose of your personal data in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner.

  2. To take your consent and advise the valid purpose prior to obtaining your personal data and to use your data lawfully and in compatibility with the purpose.

  3. To process your data only to the extent that is required to perform the business function and to facilitate your project. 

  4. To maintain the accuracy of your personal data and ensure it is up to date.

  5. To retain your data only as long as it serves the purpose we instructed.

  6. To install mechanisms that ensure the optimum security of your personal data.


As per GDPR, Art. 4 (1), “Personal data are any information which are related to an identified or identifiable natural person.” It means any information that can assist in identifying a particular individual and excludes anonymous data where identity is removed.

We obtain, store, and process the following personal data which enables us to deliver effective services. 

Data that relates to the personal contact details such as the name, year of birth, title, addresses, telephone number, and email address.

We also collect your credit card or bank details for the processing of your order.


We collect your personal data directly from you after your explicit consent. We do not barter your personal data from any third-party sources.

When you become our client, we collect your credit card information. We do not store your credit card details and unambiguously use only it only for the processing of your order. Personal data required to be collected by law is also obtained from you.

In the event you do not want to disclose certain information with us, we may fail to render services. We never use your data under any circumstance for any purpose without your consent.


Personal data of the aforementioned nature is used for the processing of your order and effectively facilitating the services. The data is also used to provide you with information about additional and future products and services.

We retain your personal information for one year after the delivery of service. With your consent, we may retain your name and email until you request it to be removed from our system. The information is used to educate you about our products and services.

At any time, you may call on us to provide you with the information we have on you or request it to be erased completely. 


We do not collect personal data that falls into the “Special category” of GDPR, namely:

  • Race and ethnic origin

  • Religious beliefs

  • Trade union membership,

  • Biometric and genetic data,

  • Health data, and 

  • Data related to sexual preference. 

Neither do we perform automated functions without any human intervention. All action are commanded manually designed to perform the advised purpose.


We may share your personal information with third-party, including government agencies and third-party service provides.

The third-party service provides can be any other businesses that make it possible for us to render efficacious services. 

We take proactive steps to ensure the third-parties respect the security of your personal information and treat it in accordance with the law. In order for the third-parties to form a partnership with us, they must follow our strict guidelines to maintain the confidentiality and security of your data.


We may transfer your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) when you seek a service that requires to do so. If we do transfer your data, we administer a similar degree of data protection to secure your information.

When we transfer your data we form contractual clauses with the third-party service provides approved by the European Commission.


We have installed desideratum security measures on our website that prevent your data from being manipulated, unlawfully altered or disclosed, and accidentally accessed, lost, or used. We have implemented necessary procedures to protect your data from data security breaches and will notify you in the event of a data breach where it’s required by law.

We retain your data only for the period that is required to serve the purpose. However, we may retain your data for a period of one year after your explicit consent. This enables us to educate you about our offers and other services that may be an interest to you.     


Under certain situation, we may anonymize your data by removing particulars that specifically identifies you. We may use the information such as name and email after your consent to communicate with you.


As per GDPR, you have the complete right to access, correct, and request the data to be erased from our system.

It is also within your rights to ensure the data we have on you is accurate and up to date. Do inform us when your personal information changes.

By law, you have certain rights to your data such as:

  • You can request a copy of the data we have on you and check if we are legally processing your data.

  • You can request your data to be corrected and accurate.

  • You can request for the personal information about you to be erased from our system.

  • You can request us to stop the processing of your data. This helps you to suspend the data processing until you provide more accurate information.

  • No charges will be levied on you for the request to access your data. However, if the request is extensive or unreasonable we may charge a fee or refuse to process such requests.


Under circumstances, where we have not already processed your information, you can request to withdraw the consent to process your information at the specific time. To do this, send an email to

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